Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Play With Your Food With Chew and IDW Games!

Chew is invading your televisions AND tabletops come 2015. The Image comic, by John Layman and Rob Guillory, will become a “series of tabletop games” by IDW Games.

According to the IDW website:

"The CHEW game line will feature a smorgasbord of play options from board to card to dice games, each title being a stand-alone experience designed to whet fans’ appetites, whether they be a gaming novice or a connoisseur. IDW Games will be tapping top game designing talent to develop each game in the series, and Layman and Guillory will stay involved on the creative side to ensure the look and feel of each game is in line with the highly stylized, quirky world they’ve created."

“We’re looking forward to putting Tony Chu in all kinds of bad positions, and letting fans step in to save the day.” Says IDW Director of Business Development, Jerry Bennington. Any reader of Chew can only imagine what kind of crazy antics the games will portray.

IDW Games include IDW properties Kill Shakespeare, 30 Days of Night, The X-Files, and Tammany Hall- about immigrants new to New York. IDW also published a comic on the table top game that started it all : Dungeons and Dragons.

Although news is scarce right now, IDW Games promises “bite-sized teasers” in the months to come on their website, Facebook Page, and Twitter, @idwgames. Learn more about Chew  from Culture of Comics!

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