Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another Graphic MSP to be Released (in Brazil) in 2015

On the fourth and final day of the 20th Fest Comix, the Graphic MSP presentation featured the participation of Sidney Gusman, responsible for the editorial planning of Mauricio de Sousa Productions, and the authors Danilo Beyruth (Astronauta: Magnetar), Vitor Cafaggi (Monica’s Gang: Links), and Gustavo Duarte (Chico Bento: Space Ship).

They talked about how the project was born and grew from the success of the anthology MSP 50- Mauricio de Sousa by 50 Artists (2009) and its continuations, and how each cartoonist was invited to produce their respective graphic novels.

After the first four titles – Astronauta – Magnetar (2012), Turma da Mônica – Laços(2013), Chico Bento – Pavor Espaciar (2013) e Piteco – Ingá (2013) – six new albums were announced last year, during FIQ (International Festival of Comics). Of these, two are sequels: Astronaut 2 and Monica’s Gang 2.

This year, two editions will be released. Bidu will be released at the Biannual Book Festival of São Paulo and Astronaut 2will be released in December at Comic Con Experience. This means the four remaining books (Monica’s Gang 2, Jungle Kingdom, Papa- Capim and Bug-a-Boo the Ghost) will be released in 2015, right?


Sidney Gusman told the audience that, next year, a Graphic MSP not yet announced will be the first to be released in 2015. The reveal will happen at Gibicon, an event that will take place in Curitiba in September.

The objective is to publish four graphic novels a year, every three months, and that all the characters of MSP are available to win an album. The only exception, at the moment, is Horacio the dinosaur. “Mauricio (de Sousa) asked for us to not use Horacio right now, due to the special affection he has for the character,” he revealed. “The most important part is to find an author who knows how to work with the beloved character.”

Sidney commemorated the results from the project’s repercussions. “All four sold very well, some had second printings and others are to be reprinted. Magnetar already was publishing in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. I am trying to develop a way to confirm this, but I am almost certain that Links is the best selling national (Brazilian) graphic novel of all time. And it keeps on selling.”

The editor talked about the creative liberty of each author, and affirmed that, like the children’s comics, the Graphic MSP won’t have an official continuity. “If tomorrow another author wants to work with Astronaut, it will be his Astronaut, with a different representation than Danilo’s. They won’t need to continue what was done before. We won’t follow chronologically,” he explained.

And with the release of Astronaut 2 and Monica’s Gang 2, does this mean that each author will do a trilogy? “I would love if each author could do three albums each. Depending on the success, nothing would impede coming out with a third edition, and the three is interesting in comics, no? I like it; it’s lucky,” joked Gusman.

There are negotiations for other albums to be released abroad. The brand could possibly produce related products. There is speculation of animated projects or even live action films, even though the studio hasn’t commented about the possibility.

News of this could be released shortly.

(Original article: Graphic MSP ainda não anunciada será lançada em 2015, written by Samir Naliato on May 6, 2014. Republished and translated with permission from UniversoHQ)

Monica has spawned many successful business ventures. This past year, the Flash animated series of shorts, Monica Toy, has garnered international attention. The shorts star Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge, and Maggy and their day to day exploits. What makes the series viable for international markets is that the stories feature only sound effects, eliminating any need for translation. The shorts are humorous and introduce the world to the magic of Monica and her friends. Following all good properties comes merchandise; Monica Toy has spawned vinyl figures, home decor, clothes, and school supplies. Graphic MSP has the potential to go worldwide; the passion and talent is present, all that it needs now is marketing and an impeccable translation.

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