Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Batman Day is Swinging Into Stores June 23rd!

As part of the celebrations for 75 Years of the Dark Knight, DC Entertainment announced that this June 23rd will be Batman Day. Working with thousands of comic shops and bookstores, throughout the United States, a special edition of Detective Comics #27 will be distributed freely, re-imagining the original from 1939 in which the character made his debut.

The script will be by Brad Meltzer and all the art is the responsibility of Chip Kidd.

Also, the stores will have all kinds of collectibles available, including a commemorative cape, book marks with the most important graphic novels of the character and four masks created by artist Ryan Sook, who used famous interpretations of The Batman, like the first appearance, the 1960s television series and the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.

On the same day, Robin Rises- Omega #1 , by Peter Tomasi and Andy Kubert, and Grayson # 1, by Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin, will both be released.

The publisher plans to release the special edition of Detective Comics #27 for a free download.

(Original Article: DC declara 23 de julho como o Dia do Batman, written by Samir Naliato on May 13, 2014. Republished and translated with permission by UniversoHQ.) 

Culture of Comics already detailed some of DC's Bat-Celebration efforts including commemorative covers and animated shorts on Cartoon Network. Son of Batman came out last week on DVD with Batman: Assault on Arkham arriving in August. Gotham will be on Fox this fall, Mondays at 8.

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